Alpha Theta
Renovation Photos
Moving composites out prior to construction
Asbestos removal in the basement required a "clean area" with men in hazmat suits
The "palace" on the third floor got a new exit door and a new bathroom door
The old third floor landing...
Received a new fire-rated hallway.
On the first and second floors, a "fire curtain" system of soffit and sprinkers allowed us to keep our stairway open
On the second floor, a new hall was cut...
...through the "trophy room" bedroom...
...and towards what will be a new fire exit to a new fire stair.
Second floor bathroom during renovations...
...and after.
The kitchen...
...received a new floor, a dishwasher, new quartz granite counter tops, a new sink and faucet...
...and a window!
New Cal-133 "fireproof" furniture in the living room meets the new safety standards and keeps our fireplace operational.
Not finished yet, the elevator lift will provide handicapped accessibility to the basement.
A new roof over our rear entry, a new portico and a refurbished handicapped ramp and steps at the back of the house.
The old phone room on the first floor...
...was gutted and renovated...
To provide a first floor handicapped- accessible toilet and shower, harkening back to the days when the "Maidenís Head" was a powder room.
(The new bathroom has been affectionately dubbed "The Phone Room.")
Corp members poring over fire escape blueprints.
The wood paneling on the accessibility elevator helps it to blend in.
The new basement bathroom is actually presentable!
Besides a new hot water heater and a new connection to the water main for the sprinkler system. the boiler room now boasts backflow preventers for both the sprinkler and potable water lines.
The floors in the kitchen and behind the bar/breakfast nook have been replaced with Pergo woodgrain tile.
A town-mandated commercial fire suppression system over the kitchen stove will keep the kitchen extremely safe.

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