Alpha Theta's Centennial Celebration!

1920 - 2020

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Keep an eye on this page for news and updates on our centennial activites as they develop! We have a lot of big plans!

A Letter From The Centennial Committee

Welcome to the celebration of a century of Alpha Theta! The house you’ve known and loved has evolved over this time from a small group of Dartmouth seniors to a national (and international) community of over a thousand members.

There have been quite a few watershed moments in Alpha Theta’s history that closely presage changes on campus: breaking with Theta Chi national over racial segregation, sex integration and re-integration in the late 1970’s, as well as LGBTQ and gender inclusiveness well into the modern era. We are proud of our history, even though it has not always been perfect.

We hope that you’ll take some time in the coming year to celebrate with us. Send us a message at centennial at alpha dash theta dot org with a memory of your time on campus or time spent with your fraternal siblings, reach out to your fellow classmates and consider getting together on campus or off, attend or host a mini-reunion and celebrate the good times, or pour one out for those friends we’ve lost along the way.

We’ve already hosted some events and plan to host some more, both on campus and around the US, to celebrate our history and our community. We’re raising funds to achieve our financial independence (no debt remaining on our mortgage) after some troubled financial times. We hope to kick off the next hundred years with some new programs that will benefit alumni and undergraduates alike. And throughout we hope to celebrate our history through photos, video, scrapbooks, artifacts and whatever you might remember or have to offer.

Both the history and the future of Alpha Theta are its members.

Alpha Theta Centennial Committee
December 2019