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What is the Alpha Theta House Corporation?

The Alpha Theta House Corporation is a tax-exempt corporation incorporated in the State of New Hampshire. It consists of a self-perpetuating group of trustees and directors, who are both alumni of Dartmouth College and members of Alpha Theta. All members are volunteers and receive no compensation. Corporation bylaws define the offices of President, Clerk (Secretary), and Treasurer. The trustees may elect additional officers at will, and currently maintain a Vice President, an Alumni Liaison and two House Advisors.

Corporation bylaws also allow the designation of standing and ad-hoc committees. Currently, our only standing committee is the Fundraising Committee. We also recently created an ad-hoc committee to research options for collecting tax-deductible donations for the educational benefit of Alpha Theta Fraternity members. Committees include trustees and non-trustees.

What does the Alpha Theta House Corporation do?

The corporation holds the title to the Alpha Theta chapter house, which houses The Alpha Theta Coeducational Fraternity at Dartmouth College, a separate non-profit organization. It also receives any gifts or contributions required for the maintenance of the property.

What do corporation members do?

Dartmouth College’s Greek Letter Organization Handbook mandates a certain degree of alumni oversight over Greek Letter Organizations. This includes the following responsibilities:
  • “Support and advise the undergraduate organization”
  • “Maintain communication between the undergraduate members and the alumni members regarding all matters related to the organization, its finances, activities, risk management, and dealings with the College.”
  • “Provide advice and consultation to ensure that the organization is operating in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws, as well as all College and Campus Life policies.”
  • “Soliciting funds from alumni/ae,” when necessary.

Members of the board fulfill these requirements and act as liaisons between the corporation, the undergraduate organization, the alumni, and the College.

Who is the corporation?

James Evans 85, President
Chris Robinson 86, Vice President
Ann Suchoza McDonough '87, Treasurer
Brian Hughes 89, Secretary
Brad Holmes '83
Mike Holmes '00
Knick Moschella '02
Jen Reiser '09
Dan Simons '06
Bill Subin '63
Nina Basu '02
Sara Burbine Potter '91
Nick Connizzo '06
Katie Davis '90
Michael DiPietro '95
Larry Gallagher '87
As of September, 2018.
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