Fundraising Update, April 2017
Greetings, fellow Alpha Thetians and Theta Chis! This year brings us good news: we have very nearly met our goal of $75,000 to make the most of Dartmouth College’s match offer! Thanks to the generosity of our siblings, we have raised $72,864 in donations since November 2012. Your support has been amazing!!

But we’re not done yet.

In order to make sure that Alpha Theta will continue to thrive and provide a home for Dartmouth students of all backgrounds, orientations and interests, we need to eliminate our outstanding debt entirely and establish a fund that will allow us to tackle future repairs and renovations without placing our finances at risk. To do this, I am asking you to please consider renewing your gift again this year. And if you haven’t made a gift to this effort yet, now is the perfect time to pitch in and help us bring the first phase of this campaign home.

The Fundraising Committee will be reaching out to you soon, if it has not already. Please join me in making a donation to Alpha Theta in 2017. Checks should be made out to Alpha Theta House Corporation and sent c/o Ann McDonough ‘87 to 58 Brookside Dr. Stratham, NH 03885. Or if you prefer, electronic payments can be made via PayPal (see below).

The only way we can accomplish this goal is with a lot of helping hands -- thank you for your support!!

For the Fundraising Committee,

Josh Adler ‘89, Fundraising Chair
Alpha Theta House Corporation

Donate Via Check
Checks made out to "Alpha Theta House Corporation" may be mailed to:

Alpha Theta House Corporation, c/o Ann McDonough ’87
58 Brookside Dr. Stratham, NH 03885

Donate Via Credit Card
In order to donate online using a credit card, enter a donation amount below and click the "Donate" button. You will be taken to the PayPal website and asked to provide your credit card information. PayPal is a popular service designed to securely transfer funds between two parties.

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